Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

A Quick Update…And a Freebie!

The Elven Queen gowns were removed from both Sanctum locations earlier today. I’m working currently on a number of things, with priority on creating new gowns and other items, updating the XStreetSL listings, this blog, and reworking the Elven Queen gowns into an updated version.


Some of you may have also noticed that the Avilion Vale location is looking a bit different – I’ve created new display walls to replace most of the larger, more cumbersome walls that the newer items were being displayed on. I’m also going through the process of updating some ads to match the newer ad style with more fluidity.

Today, I sent out a special gift to the update group members – the new Natalie hair style in five exclusive colors not released in the store. If you are in the update group and missed it, please check your past notices and be sure not to miss it.

Much more after the break, so please keep reading.

Kouse's Santum Constanze - Ltd Ed - Poster

Also, the limited edition ‘Forest’ version of the Constanze gowns were released, with a total of just 30 copies available for purchase. They included a matching jewelry set of necklace and bracelets, just as the limited edition at the Relay for Life Clothing Fair did. To the lucky few that managed to get copies, I hope you enjoy them very much!

Kouse's Sanctum Lady Serenity - Sapphire - Ad

And finally, recolours of the Lady Serenity gowns have finally been put out. I’ve been having requests for brighter shades ever since the initial release of the Lady Serenity gowns, and finally have gotten around to it. Better late than never!

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