Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Natalie Hair~

Kouse's Sanctum Natalie Hair Ad

Finally, I’ve made another hair style, called Natalie. It’s only the third style I made, with the Cherie and Elizabeth styles having been made a long time ago. I feel happy with how the Natalie style turned out and I’m happy running about wearing it in various hues.

This elegant updo with it’s few escaping wisps of hair is now one of my favourite styles, as I was able to create something I’d long envisioned but never quite found.

You can find it in the Sanctum now, along with the floral hair accessories that, though designed for the Natalie style, can be adjusted for any number of other hair styles from any number for stores. The Natalie hairs are available in colour packs, but with two new shades, Glossy Black and Chocolate brown. When I have time, I’ll be creating more shade textures for future hairstyles.

Kouse's Sanctum - Natalie - Hair Accessories Ad

More pictures after the jump.

Kouse's Sanctum Natalie - Glossy Black

Please note that both the Glossy Black and Chocolate shades of this style are sold independently at 50L.

Kouse's Sanctum Natalie - Chocolate

Also, the skin I used is from Laqroki, and the dresses used are the Lady Serenity (Sapphire) and Madeline (Snow), both of which can be found in the Sanctum.

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