Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

Elven Queen Gowns Retiring

As you may know, the Elven Queen gowns are one of the oldest, and most popular, parts of the Sanctum catalogue. I was still very, very knew to creating things when I made them. I’m in the process of updating the prim work to create entirely new versions. This will take some time, but, in the mean time, the versions now available are going to be retired. They’ve been discounted to 100L and will disappear in a few days, so, if you haven’t yet gotten them and want to, now is the best time.

The Elven Queen - Silver Midnight

Also, I’ve been made aware of a glitch in SL that’s tampering with the permissions on some goods. If you’ve been a victim of this glitch on a purchase from the Sanctum, please, report it to me with details on how the permissions were changed, and I‘ll replace the item(s). If the replacement doesn’t fix the problem, we’ll figure something out, even if it is waiting until a fix is made my Lindens to replace the items.


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