Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

June Flew By…Here’s Some of the News

For me, June was an incredibly hectic month in my real life. After the incidents of reformatting my computer, I ended up having to replace my hard drive entirely, which was annoying, but I am in love with the new one. There’s a few new releases in the store, including some very affordable jewelry, and some new gowns. I’ll elaborate more on the new releases in another post.


In lieu of the regular monthly freebie, I elected to wait awhile and give instead, the Allegra Trinket Hunt. At present it’s set to run until the 15th, but I may extend it if the demand is there, and so far it’s leaning that way. The details for the hunt are as follows:

-The hunt is entirely on the SeaBreeze Oasis location of the store.

-To complete it, you must find a total of 8 hidden trinkets, there’s a trinket box at the New Releases area with the story to accompany the hunt.

-When you open each trinket, inside is a different color of the Allegra gown, matching the larger gem on the trinket that held it.

-Also inside each trinket is a numbered token.

-When you collect all eight tokens, by placing them all into a folder with your name on it, then submitting it to me (Kouse Singh) you’ll receive a special prize for completing the hunt.

If you have any questions regarding the hunt, feel free to contact me in world via a notecard. I stress this, because my IMs are constantly capped, and a notecard will ensure that I receive your message. If you submitted a completed folder with all eight tokens, and haven’t received your prize within 24 hours, please send a note, as your folder may have gotten buried. To all those who have already completed the hunt, I congratulate you, and thank you for taking the time to participate.

The success of the hunt, and the kind notes of thanks and compliments have made my day every day since the hunt began. I can’t begin to express to my customers how much I appreciate you all, you sweet fine ladies (and some gents) are the reason why the Sanctum exists, and I consider it an honour to be able to serve you.


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