Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Relay for Life Clothing Fair~

It’s coming on the 16th, mark that down on your calendars. As for me, I’m always twiddling with things…I won’t be completely finished preparing until the doors are open. As promised, here are some pics of what the Sanctum build for the fair looks like at this moment.


I’ve incorporated a lovely table by Sanctum Sanctorum, as well as the magical little tree you see, which I found at New Trails. This build is not final, as I said, I feel I’ll be tinkering with it more later on. And of course, there’s a special gown waiting for the Fair to begin before it’s unveiled ;o. Anyway…more pictures.






I’m really looking forward to the start of it. So many wonderful designers all coming together to create this, so that everyone can come along to the fair, have a great time, and best of all -everyone- gets to be a part of supporting this fabulous cause.

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