Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Constanze Draw~

Yes yes, it’s coming soon, the Relay for Life Clothing Fair – on the 16th of this month, to be exact. The next  post after this will contain some sneaky peek type pics of the Kouse’s Sanctum stall, as well as extra bonuses ;o.

Constanze - Sapphire - Limited Edition

I’d like to go into detail here about how the Constanze Draw, as I’m now calling it, will work. There’s a special version of my new Constanze gown, one that will only ever be in the hands of five people on the Grid™ besides myself. The sapphire fabric and gold trim will be a rarity, indeed. How to own one of them? It’s quite simple. Yes, it will be a draw. No, you don’t have to email me some sort of ballot, fill out some sort of long winded notecard that eats up precious moments…nothing like that. All you have to do, is what I’m sure you’ll do anyway, come out to the Relay fair and support a great cause.

Now to the meat of it: if you buy one of the special Relay items (the ones in the designated vendors, with 100% of the proceeds going to Relay for Life) you will be entered twice, yes twice, for each of those purchases. Any other purchase in the Kouse’s Sanctum booth will count as an extra entry. So, as I go through my transaction history after the fair, any purchase made on the Gift of Life sim will be credited as an entry into the draw, unless it’s from an RFL vendor, in which case it will be -two- entries.

Once all the ballots are made up (yes I get to do all the lengthy ballot making and writing down of names), I’ll put them all into a hat (or something larger if need be) and draw five names. If one name appears twice, I’ll draw another, to make sure five unique individuals will receive a copy of this gown.

Remember, after the prizes are awarded from the drawing, this gown will never be for sale.

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