Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

Sorry for the Silence, but….

My apologies for the silence on this blog lately, a ton of things have been happening in my SL and with regards to the Sanctum as well. Firstly, the new main store! Please update you LM’s if you haven’t already for the new SeaBreeze Oasis location. The Garindan location will not be there forever, so eventually those LMs will be out of date.

Many new things have been released, including new gowns, more Petite sized gowns for those gorgeous child sized AVs out there, and even a set of combat clothing (which many of you seem to love! 😀 )

The Serena Midnight group gift had been delivered (sent out April 15th) So if you missed it, look through past notices in the Kouse’s Sanctum group, you can’t miss it.

Now lovelies, pay attention. Want a gown designed just as you want it and named after you? Then do enter the Showcasing Contest! Capture Kouse’s Sanctum products in an image and submit it into this contest for the chance to have just that! And the custom gown is just one part of the grand prize. There are several prize packs to be won, please read over the notecard sent via group notice for all the details. ❤

Deadline for entry is Midnight SLT April 25th. Winners to be announced on the 17th. All participants will receive a thank you gift for entering. All entries will be displayed at the main store and/or at one of the sister stores unless you contact me expressly saying you wish to keep your entry private.

That’s all for now folks…the rest is in the notecards!



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