Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

The Sanctum

It shall always remain a place in my mind sacred to me. However, I am peice by peice building it upon the plan of existence that is Second Life. This Sanctum, a place of fantasy, of shimmering unreality. Ah, it is home.

My shops I call my sanctum as well for in a way they are a part. Being able to create things I would love to see in Real Life, and truly enjoy indulging in within Second Life, it a precious gift I am happy and grateful to have. With any luck this venture will bring me a small amount of success. With everything I build I learn new things, almost a small scale enlightenment when a breakthrough is achieved.

Pictured is my work in progress, but I shall reveal few details about it until I release it. I want to keep it mostly a surprise. lol

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